The 21st International Exhibition of Hotel, Restaurant & Foodservice Equipment, Supplies and Services
24 - 27 April 2018
Suntec Singapore
9 - 6pm daily

Related Competitions, Events and Conferences

HotelAsia2018 is shaping up to be one of its busiest editions with the plethora of activities and concurrent events. Aiming to provide all trade visitors with a one-stop platform to Source, Network and Learn, visitors can participate in various activities to enhance their experience and hone their skills.

FHA Culinary Challenge

FHA Culinary Challenge

Asia’s top culinary competition

Close to 800 culinary professionals around the region will gather at this prestigious event to pit their skills against other professionals, learn from peers and display their masterly skills to a panel of high profile judges.

Competitions at HotelAsia in 2018 include

  • Live Hot Cooking
  • Plated Food Display

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RESTAURANT 3.0 explores ways food services industry players can improve both back and front-of-house processes through innovation, productivity enhancements and job redesign. The showcase is a multi-party collaboration by Enterprise Singapore, Workforce Singapore, Singapore Productivity Centre and Restaurant Association of Singapore.

SCI Equipment Awards

Recognising innovations and bringing about a sustainable future.

Jointly organised with Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI) Asia Pacific Division, the inaugural SCI Equipment Award serves to recognise foodservice equipment manufacturers who have incorporated sustainability in their innovations. There will be a total of 6 awards, with 2 categories- Large Equipment and Small Equipment. Each category has 3 awards- Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Judging criteria and scoring are based on 3 criteria- Sustainability, Costs Savings and Innovations. There will be a rating for each criterion.

Sustainability (50%)
Evaluation criteria include:

  • Minimise Eco- impact – water usage, grey water discharge, waste to the environment
  • Minimise Eco- impact – reduction in detergents / resources
  • Minimise Eco- impact – reduction in carbon footprint, energy, waste, etc
  • Increase effective equipment life span
  • Energy efficient, water saving, resource saving
  • Staff comfort: noise, humidity, temperature, lighting, etc
  • Equipment performance
  • Ergonomically sound-supports work safety
  • Eco- product life cycle, able to recycle equipment / materials
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
Cost savings (25%)
Evaluation criteria include:

  • Ease of use, perspective affordance
  • Improve work efficiency, labour saving
  • Degree of automation and remote controls
  • Data sharing and/or on-line linkage
  • Energy efficiency, water saving, resource saving
  • Space saving
  • Equipment performance
  • Ergonomically sound – supports work safety
  • Times & temperature monitoring / traceability for HACCP
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance, saves cleaning materials / detergents
Innovations (25%)
Evaluation criteria include:

  • Visual Design
  • Functionality & universality*
  • Ease of use, perceptive affordance
  • Uniqueness of Design
  • Innovation technology applied
  • Degree of automation and remote controls
  • Customer satisfaction (testimonials) / Commercial success
  • Uniqueness / originality
  • Use of new materials, shape, colour
  • Data sharing and/or on-line linkage

*Accommodation for all, including disabilities

TOTAL SCORE(%)= Total score /(100 minus number of NA’s)

Distinguished panel of judges are:

Clara Pi, MSC. FCSI

Clara Pi, MSC. FCSI
Interim Chair, Foodservice Consultants International (FCSI) Asia Pacific Division

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Man Kai Hong, Sidney FCSI

Man Kai Hong, Sidney FCSI
Managing Director, Constructive Consultant Co Ltd

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Shigeru Suzuki FCSI

Shigeru Suzuki FCSI
President, Y. Inoue Office, Ltd, Yokohama Japan.

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Brandon Kua, FCSI

Brandon Kua, FCSI
Founder, Citrus Consult Sdn Bhd Malaysia
Partner, Innovative Project Solutions Singapore

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Anton Lee, FCSI

Anton Lee, FCSI
Director of Ricca Design Studios, Hong Kong & Ricca Design Studios, Shanghai

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Award winning innovations will be showcased at Suntec Singapore and Singapore Expo.
Award presentation ceremony will be held during HotelAsia2018.


  • Participants can submit their entries online – for both heavy and light equipment
  • Submission deadline: 23 Feb 2018.
  • Entrants must be confirmed HotelAsia2018 exhibitors.
  • A registration fee of SGD200 applies.
Digital Marketing Workshops

Digital Marketing Workshop
As customer journey is evolving with the infiltration of mobile devices, companies need to stay abreast of the trends and develop digital marketing strategies that enable them to compete effectively. At the Digital Marketing Workshop, attendees will learn from the experts on how to increase branding and leads, managing crisis and social listening.

Topics, presented by Fleishman Hillard, include:

  • Evolution of PR/Comms in the Digital World
  • Digital and Social Media Landscape in Asia
  • Paradigm Shifts in Crisis Management
  • Building Your Brand – Corporate Reputation in the Age of Authenticity
  • The ABCs of Storytelling
  • Content Marketing 101
  • Optimising Reach and Engagement on Digital and Social Media
  • Emerging Technologies of Today and Tomorrow
  • Social Media Writing 101: The 8-Second Rule

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Ask-the-Expert Session
Ask-the-Expert Session
This is a one-to-one consultation with the experts and professionals from the Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI). Trade visitors who plan to remodel or build their kitchen should seize this rare opportunity to seek advice and consult these professionals.

To book a session or to find out more, please email [email protected]

Business Workshops @ Knowledge Theatre

Business Workshops @ Knowledge Theatre
Serves as a platform to learn and share knowledge, restaurants and café owners, professionals from hotels and catering institutions, can look forward to hearing from industry and topic expert, DagangHalal, who will be sharing insights on Halal certification and foodservice.

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Central Kitchen Asia

Central Kitchen Asia

The 3rd edition of Central Kitchen Asia Conference will be held alongside FHA2018 International Conference, at Suntec Singapore.

Key conference topics include:

  • Central kitchen planning, concept and design, and case studies from healthcare, nursing homes, hotels, and more
  • Sous-vide and chill techniques
  • Food safety in central kitchen
  • Halal certified central kitchen – How does this help to expand your market?

More information will be released closer to the show.

HotelAsia is held alongside:

These 6 specialised sectors make up Asia's most comprehensive international food & hospitality trade event – Food&HotelAsia (FHA).

FHA2018 will be held at 2 venues concurrently -
Singapore Expo and Suntec Singapore

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